Deeper than Data with Ben Rush

When we think about science, we often hear about amazing discoveries, but rarely hear about the struggles, personal accomplishments, and personalities of the scientists behind the data. On Deeper than Data with Ben Rush, we explore the personal journeys, failures, and successes of scientists through storytelling and humor. You’ll walk away with touching stories, life lessons, and feeling inspired through conversational interviews and improvised games.

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Ben chats with Judi about her journey, how losing an important person in your life shapes your perspective, barrel racing, how Judi is and isn’t a pressure cooker, effective ways of mentoring, and life as a lipid trying to return a magic eight ball before you are consumed by mitochondria.Podcast Facebook Ben on...
Ben chats with high school friend and entrepreneurial scientist Courtney Lawrence about her journey through STEM, starting a small business, and some interesting facts about soap (also they pitch improvised soaps like “Wet Dog Soap” and “Ex-boyfriend Soap”). Courtney’s soap company- Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
Just a little audio note to let you know we are switching to a Wednesday episode release day. We’ll be back with a new episode on 7-7!
Ben chats with professor Bryan Dewsbury about his journey, his passion for teaching and equity, what Bryan’s kids think he does, and killer rabbits. SABER seminar series: Twitter
Ben chats with Michael Wagner about being political science, being a former reporter & anchor, couples matching in academia, and both debate over pointless silly things for the betterment of all humankind.
Ben chats with Bianca Baldridge about the challenges facing youth workers, education, chocolate, and why Prince is at Bianca’s desk.
Ben chats with Ana Bento about fashion, COVID, science communication, failures, why the podcast exists, and what an octopus should wear at award ceremonies.
Ben chats with Anurag Agrawal about effective management styles, the failure he experienced teaching for the first time, and a mysterious chrysalis they hit with hammers. Plus an alternative intro theme called “Giggles”. Rock on!
Ben chats with Amaya Atucha about avocados, fitting-in, imposter syndrome, and improvised wine pairings in this fruitful episode.
The Deeper than Data with Ben Rush podcast features conversation about the successes, failures, and vulnerability of science through stories and humor. Hear about it in this trailer!
Ben chats with Karthik Anantharaman about the deep ocean, creating a catchphrase for the lab, and funding groundbreaking research with $7.
Ben chats with Beth Olsen about the science of breastfeeding, science communication, and the pivotal decision to choose gummy bears when you are trying to stop the all-powerful Ur-dragon in a choose your own adventure game. Follow the podcast on Twitter. Shout outs to Is This Science? and Mums In Science– both very much worth...