Deeper than Data with Ben Rush

When we think about science, we often hear about amazing discoveries, but rarely hear about the struggles, personal accomplishments, and personalities of the scientists behind the data. On Deeper than Data with Ben Rush, we explore the personal journeys, failures, and successes of scientists through storytelling and humor. You’ll walk away with touching stories, life lessons, and feeling inspired through conversational interviews and improvised games.

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Ben chats with professor and mentor supreme Laura Hernandez about the reflections of the last year, struggling to mentor through a pandemic, how sometimes you need to say “no”, finding boundaries with your job, and the return of Zoe the Platypus in a new space adventure.Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts-
Ben chats with engineering professor, Victor Zavala, and high school teacher, Olivia Dachel, about using videogames to teach kids, how science outreach can be useful 1 on 1 or with massive audiences through videogames, who inspired Victor to code, how to think like a systems engineer, how the kids like learning about agricultural runoff, and...
Ben chats with Lena Vincent, MS, about her story going from marine biology to astrobiology, how they are both connected, her passion for communicating her work to others often via TikTok, TikTok science communication strategies, her double-edged curiosity, and her first conversation with an alien. Lena’s TikTok page- Patreon- Twitter- Website-
Ben chats with Ankur Desai about being a nerd in grade school coding early computers, connecting with nature in the Boy Scouts, taking geology classes to go on field trips, shooting lasers out of planes, meteorologists loving Oklahoma, the importance of science communication, and improvised weather reports (did someone say it’s snowing pillows?). Patreon-
Ben chats with Jo Handelsman, scientist extraordinaire, about her journey from viewing pond water underneath the microscope to full professorship, trying to save our soils, working for the Office of Science and Technology Policy during the Obama Administration, and now directing the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. They dive into how science still needs to be...
Ben chats with fungal pathologist and professor Christina Hull about her insatiable curiosity for fungi, her passion for equity within science, her experience 3-D printing glow-in-the-dark fungal spores, and how a spore coat can almost deceive bouncers at the hottest clubs. Wisconsin Science Festival Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
Ben chats with comedian and writer Jason Alt about his journey from pursuring forensic chemistry, transitioning from pharmaceutical jobs to writing about games, successful management, and the consistent comedy through everything…. plus a stellar review of the made-up board game “Murdered by the femur of God” on the new hit hypothetical podcast Yikes! It’s Game...
Ben chats with podcast teammate Lauren Schrader about how she became interested in communication health sciences, what she hopes to share with rural communities, her involvement in the Harry Potter Society at Indiana University, and how the Earth is filled with molten chocolate chip cookies. Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
Ben chats with his good friend and fellow scientist Jevin Lortie about his journey pivoting from cooking to neuroscience, their friendship over the years, his childhood room, how his science connects to his diet and family, and creating fad diets on a whim. Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
Scientist and fellow podcast teammate Julia Nepper chats with Ben about her journey, starting college at age 11, feeling in flow when doing science outreach, learning from failures, and trying to betray BEN! BEN OF ALL PEOPLE!!! Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
Ben chats with two guest, Dannagal Young and Lauren Feldman, about their work assessing how comedy and political identities collide, the psychological profiles of the left and right, and debating if your work has impact on the world. Plus they answer some of life’s hardest questions like how do you teach a 17-legged dog to...
Ben chats with Judi about her journey, how losing an important person in your life shapes your perspective, barrel racing, how Judi is and isn’t a pressure cooker, effective ways of mentoring, and life as a lipid trying to return a magic eight ball before you are consumed by mitochondria. Podcast twitter- Podcast Facebook...
Ben chats with high school friend and entrepreneurial scientist Courtney Lawrence about her journey through STEM, starting a small business, and some interesting facts about soap (also they pitch improvised soaps like “Wet Dog Soap” and “Ex-boyfriend Soap”). Courtney’s soap company- Patreon- Twitter- Website- Facebook-
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Ben chats with professor Bryan Dewsbury about his journey, his passion for teaching and equity, what Bryan’s kids think he does, and killer rabbits. SABER seminar series: Twitter
Ben chats with Michael Wagner about being political science, being a former reporter & anchor, couples matching in academia, and both debate over pointless silly things for the betterment of all humankind.