Who We Are

Ben Rush

Ben is founder and lead of the Deeper Than Data Media team. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he had his first crush in kindergarten. He finally got the courage to ask his crush to play at the end of the year, but contracting chickenpox prevented their possible love from blooming. Home videos show Ben interviewing his dinosaur figurines and stuffed animals at age 5. After 25 years of schooling and work not related to interviewing, he’s back to interviewingthis time with real people! In addition to finishing a Nutrition PhD and running the Deeper Than Data Media business, Ben enjoys hanging out with friends, being curious about the world, making people laugh, exercising, finding free food, and eating copious amounts of chocolate in liquid or bar form.

Jevin Lortie

Jevin is a doctoral candidate at UW Madison in the Nutritional Sciences Department. He grew up mostly in Oak Park, Illinois, despite having nomadic parents. He first got interested in science through experimenting with cooking and baking but after working in a restaurant, pursuing that as a career was too intimidating for him. He read a book about neuroscience and that seemed neat, too, so he went to Knox College and studied the brain. After graduating, he worked for a while, on the clinical side of brain things, helping to teach children with autism. Finally, to bring the story full circle, he found a way to bridge his love of food and science by studying nutrition.

Julia Nepper

Julia is an editor and website manager for the Deeper Than Data team. She grew up in rural North Carolina, where she spent most of her time reading fantasy novels. After college, she fled to grad school in the frigid north to escape the southern heat and find some snow (mission accomplished). After finishing a PhD in Biophysics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she worked as a science writer at Promega, a local biotech company. Now she studies the plant root microbiome under Prof. Jo Handelsman in addition to her work on the podcast team. In her free time, she loves her partner, her cat, her family and friends, and long walks to the fridge. She can often be found playing nerd games, watching nerd shows, arguing with someone, or talking extensively about her latest thrifting trip.

Former Associates

Lauren Schrader

Lauren worked on all things creative and communication-based for DTD media. During the day she’s an epidemiologist and physiology PhD candidate who loves investigating and sharing information about human health. And if she wasn’t working in science, Lauren says that she would likely be selling vintage clothes or flipping old houses, where she could finally put her extensive thrifted furniture collection to use. When she’s not communicating science or thrifting, Lauren spends time doing high-flying trapeze, but insists that she has no plans to run away and join the circus.